MMA Ad Fraud Elimination Guidelines | MMA
Release Date: 
November, 2020
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MMA Ad Fraud Elimination Guidelines

MMA India, in association with mFilterIt, has published the Ad Fraud Elimination Guidelines recommending best practices to combat the challenge through collaborative endeavours of advertisers, agencies and the publishers.

This approach recommends, for the first time ever, how advertisers, agencies and publishers can collaboratively work together, implementing best practices, to combat ad-fraud collectively and holistically. Only then a trust can be ensured throughout the value chain building an effective, RoI driven, and synergetic digital advertising ecosystem.

The guidelines look at both technical aspects as well as reporting and process guidelines which each entity should adhere to.

Some of the key recommendations include: -

  • Conduct extensive due diligence of partners with deep data analysis.
  • Encourage systematic measurement of analytical metrics instead of thumb rule norms.
  • Educate and spread awareness across the ecosystem.
  • Engage with a neutral and independent media ad-fraud detection tool.
  • Upskill your teams in ad-fraud.

To know more on these and other granular recommendations, download the report.

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