Checking In: Use Cases for Location Data Beyond Geo-fencing | MMA
Release Date: 
December, 2018

Naturally, location data has become of intense interest to marketers in our increasingly mobile world, with some 82% of them saying they have used it to personalize the customer experience. The new MMA report, “Checking In: Use Cases for Location Data Beyond Geo-fencing” takes a close-up look – examining the innovation being unleashed by marketers as they find new uses for location in both marketing and predictive analytics. Its 14 mini-case studies include:

  • What Swarovski has found powerful about the combination of digital and out-of-home.
  • How Danone gave encouragement to consumers during traffic-filled commutes.
  • Where brands and location data providers have helped people in areas affected by hurricanes.
  • Why AccuWeather is particularly able to forecast sales.
  • How WeWork is using location data to assess neighborhoods for future locations.

Download the report now – and get a much closer look at location data innovation.

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