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With so many terms floating around the world of internet advertising it is vital for industry participants to know new media technology trends and how they affect the media landscape in Africa. DSP (demand side platform) has become one of the buzz words which needs to be grounded and given true meaning and relevance in the industry.

Since the first 2 quarters of 2013 have become a clear proof of the fact, that the niche remains trendy and continuously improves its profitability levels, the 2nd half of the year looks very promising as well. According to Epom Data Center research, in particular, the dynamics will certainly remain positive, with the major swell being expected for the holiday season.


 Pricing Fluctuations

Naturally, the tracked waves in pricing in Q2-Q4, 2012, e.g. the increase of in-app inventory value for about 40% (Android) and 52% (iOS), couldn’t but be followed by a relative drop-down in 1Q, 2013 for around 24-25%, after the previous holiday season had ended.

Location Based Marketing (LBM) is awash with buzzwords and jargon. You might come across terms such as: local, hyperlocal, geo-fence, geo-targeting, location-based search, location-based services, SoLoMo (social, local & mobile), location-based solutions, deals around me, and many more. This may seem dizzying, but each of these terms has the same underlying concept and the same end-goal: connecting consumers with businesses within a specific geographic area.