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Think you don’t need mobile in your channel split? Think again.

Last year most sites saw that mobile usage topped that of desktop. A lot of smart advertisers have already started increasing their mobile spend on mobile, but still many marketers don't understand how big mobile really is. As a result, the marketers that do not shift spending from desktop towards smartphones/tablets are missing out on a lot of consumers. Mobile is already huge for consumers and if you don't act now your brand will really miss out.

How huge is mobile really?

Swedbank Mobile bank

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Title: Swedbank Mobile bank

Brand: Swedbank

Category: Financial services

Agency: Nexd

Vendors: Delfi, Postimees, Õhtuleht, Smartad

Region: Estonia

Timeline: 28.12.15 - 17.01.16


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Swedbank Mobile bank screen
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Closing the Gap Between Mobile Consumption and Ad Spend

 Closing the Gap Between Mobile Consumption and Ad Spend


A Completely Different Beacon Case Study

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Reveal Mobile

We love detecting Bluetooth beacons anywhere in the world. Detecting and classifying beacons creates a very distinct source of data from which we build mobile audience profiles. As mobile devices bump into known beacons, we understand an app audience's real-world behaviors and interests.

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Mobile Strategy For The Holidays: Two Industry Insiders Answer 5 Critical CMO Questions

By Scott Rayden, 3Q Digital

Mobile advertising is poised to make or break 2015 goals for millions of companies over the next six to seven weeks.

As we head into the holiday season, I posed a few critical questions to two of the brightest minds I know in mobile: Hathway CSMO Kevin Rice and 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg. (Disclosure: Mobile agency Hathway is a 3Q Digital partner, and 3Q Digital is my employer.)

If you’re looking for any edge you can get in your holiday mobile campaigns, these guys have answers.

The Marketer's Guide to Monetizing Mobile

Engagement with content on mobile is at an all-time high across devices, but publishers are behind in monetizing this user behavior creating a wide gap between consumption and ad spend.


60% of time spent on digital media comes from mobile, but less than 20% of ad delivery is via mobile

Our QuaeroView provides solutions including:

  • Customized Ad Units,
  • Audience Preference, 
  • Matching User Behavior, and
  • much more!

Download the guide here.

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Quaero's Marketer's Guide to Monetizing Mobile

How Google Is Transforming the Mobile Landscape

How Google is transforming the mobile landscape

JUICE Mobile CEO: Beacons Are The Gateway Drug To The Internet Of Things

In December, JUICE Mobile spun off its beacon network into a standalone ad tech company called Freckle IoT. Already the largest beacon network in the Canada marketplace, the company describes itself as “a testing ground for the activation of next-generation connected devices." The Toronto-based firm’s goal is to build a platform capable of talking to a variety of devices with the aim of driving store visits.

Neil Sweeney sits down with AdMonsters to talk mobile advertising and the future of programmatic

For publishers, mobile is an itch spreading over greater sections of skin, tingling more ferociously every second. Scratching doesn’t make it worse, but certainly fails to relieve the symptoms. Publishers continue to struggle in their mobile monetization efforts: because there’s little incentive for direct sales to evangelize the channel (particularly when it comes to display), programmatic would seem to be the savior. However, the success of desktop advertising and transaction models ported to mobile has been limited.