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The Playbook | Mobile Commerce 3 There’s no doubt that Covid-19 accelerated the journey towards ecommerce. With online shopping often the only avenue available for those who were under lockdown, the percentage of internet sales in the UK grew from 20% in January 2020 to 33% in May2020. To put this five-month
growth period in perspective, it took ten years to increase online sales by the same amount before then.

Starting out in France in 1988, today LC Waikiki is Turkey’s largest affordable fashion company and the market leader in 15 other countries. Becoming a Turkish brand in 1997, it now operates in 43 countries with 868 stores. LC Waikiki believes that everyone deserves to dress well.

LC Waikiki wanted to launch its new Bosphorus denim collection to a wider audience and boost sales, not only for this collection, but for all its denim lines. It also wanted to share its success as the world’s leading Turkish jeans company.

Telling the Bosphorus collection story



Develop a strategy that increases consumer engagement with Virgin Active as a brand, whilst also influencing an upturn in club


To meet this objective, Amnet/Amplifi worked closely with Near, an ambient intelligence platform. Near used its SaaS product Allspark to build an effective two-phase campaign strategy to identify, and reach Virgin Active’s target audience.

With hundreds of brands and retailers competing in the same space, we understand that it’s becoming increasingly harder to keep your customers loyal and make your products stand out. In this Forrester TEI Report, discover how DYNE, a luxury mens sportswear company, worked with Blue Bite to differentiate its products through the use of IoT technology and analytics, giving the brand an edge over 90% of their competitors. From this report learn how DYNE: Improved consumer loyalty through IoT Optimized a small sales team to maximize target audience reach
Time always flies when you’re busy. And when it comes to holiday season, it appears before we know it. So here we are – holiday-ready. The remainder of your marketing and advertising dollars can go a long, long way during peak shopping season which takes place right around the beginning of December. Therefore, it's critical that you spend where it matters most (i.e. where your customers are browsing). Similarly, it’s imperative to stop relying on the same old marketing tactics – by now, they’re worn and tired.
The digital sales team team at WRAL was already well versed in sophisticated advertising techniques and audience segmentation. However, they lacked specific tools to build location-based audiences on their mobile apps. With over fifty percent of their digital traffic coming via mobile, they partnered with Reveal Mobile to deliver a creative location-based targeting solution to their sales team and to their advertisers.

We love detecting Bluetooth beacons anywhere in the world. Detecting and classifying beacons creates a very distinct source of data from which we build mobile audience profiles. As mobile devices bump into known beacons, we understand an app audience's real-world behaviors and interests.