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Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announces the first ‘Mobile Ecosystem and ad-Sizing Report’ that deciphers the state of mobile in Vietnam in 2017 – 2018 and what we will see in the future that will further develop in this mobile first economy.

Release Date: 
April, 2018

The Push Notifications User Manual is produced and developed by the MMA France Messaging Marketing Committee. With this Guide, Mobile Marketing Association France intends to demystify push notification, a tool which we believe already to be essential, given that: 

  • mobile web traffic is on its way to exceeding computerbased web traffic
  • apps account for 86% of this mobile traffic
  • and push notifications are by far the best tool to incite users to revisit an application
Release Date: 
June, 2015

Text Marketing – marketing via the messaging channel – provides the connective tissue between the physical, digital and traditional experiences a consumer has with a brand. Without a defined mobile messaging strategy in place, the brand’s ability to engage with the connected customer will take significantly longer to mature.

Release Date: 
March, 2015