SMoX Report: Making Marketing Work Harder with Mobile
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There is no doubt that mobile presents the greatest transformation in consumer behavior that we will experience in our lifetimes. But what is its impact on business outcomes?

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) initiated an industry wide, never-before-executed, research program (SMoX) to address these critical questions and help marketers fully leverage mobile to both innovate and drive business growth.

Release Date: 
January, 2016
SMoX: Making Marketing Work Harder with Mobile

With the ever-increasing pressure on marketers to achieve increased profitable growth and a laser focus on their bottom line, the need to understand the impact of their marketing and which part delivers the highest ROI is critical. At the same time, as mobile investment is increasing at the fastest rate of any media, there is an urgency to understand the ROI specific to mobile marketing. There is a need to understand the way in which advertising tactics work similarly or differently from other advertising in other media.

Release Date: 
March, 2015
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Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness Research Insight Report

With marketers focused on their bottom line, few have the resources to initiate a robust analysis on how media channels interact and integrate. To provide the industry greater clarity about the value of mobile marketing, the MMA is committed to delivering insights surrounding mobile’s impact on ROI and its affect on business goals.

Release Date: 
May, 2015
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