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Text Marketing – marketing via the messaging channel – provides the connective tissue between the physical, digital and traditional experiences a consumer has with a brand. Without a defined mobile messaging strategy in place, the brand’s ability to engage with the connected customer will take significantly longer to mature.

Release Date: 
March, 2015

A Marketers Guide to Messaging: Trends and Best Practices

This white paper is designed to provide marketers with an overview of the best practices and trends when marketing to consumers on mobile devices, via text messaging aka SMS (short message service), MMS (multimedia messaging service), push notifications, or any other mobile messaging media.

Release Date: 
March, 2014

The MMA Consumer Best Practices (CBP) for Messaging, for the United States market, provides a guide to implementing short code programs. This guideline document is a compilation of accepted industry practices, common wireless carrier policies, and regulatory guidance that have been agreed upon by representative member companies from all parts of the off-deck ecosystem. This is the last and FINAL document of its kind to be released by the MMA. All future inquiries should be directed to the CTIA.

Release Date: 
October, 2012