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MMA IMPACT India | Mumbai Edition - Attendee


"MMA India is bigger platform in the country as Thought Leadership. We have the leading minds from India in AI in marketing gathered together and this is the biggest thought leadershi forum that exist in the country right now."

Vice President, Product Marketing
Netcore Cloud

MMA IMPACT India | Mumbai Edition - Attendee

"Meeting the right people with right knowledge and getting the right experience is i think is win win for all."

Head of Brand Activation - India

MMA IMPACT India | Mumbai Edition - Speaker


"It is a great marketing platform for everyone to learn from."

Managing Partner
Publicis Production

MMA IMPACT India | Mumbai Edition - Speaker

"MMA is a wonderful organisation which brings you all the marketers together and all the business leaders together to really learn what are the latest fields of AI in marketing, AI, Advertising, mobile. Its amazing to come here to talk to everyone, to learn from people are doing and just adopt best practices happening in the industry."

MMA India Board Member; President and CMO
Kotak Mahindra Bank

MMA IMPACT India | Mumbai Edition - Speaker


"Great Quality of Networking"

Head of Media & Digital Marketing
Tata Consumer Products

Jubilant Foodworks Limited

House of Masaba Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, the Modern Marketing Association (MMA) embarked on a pioneering project with the aim to standardize engagement metrics—a keystone for evaluating campaign effectiveness and ensuring equitable evaluation of awards entries. This comprehensive guide captures the journey of the Engagement Metrics Project from its ambitious beginnings to its pivot – a pragmatic decision made in the face of the industry's complex digital ecosystem particularly with video metrics.

April, 2024
May 10th, 2024 | Ha Noi City

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd