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MMA India with GroupM, a media investment group, has released the much anticipated Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Report (MMER) 2020.

February, 2020
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Mobile Increases Interest in Buy Online Pick Up in Store Options

ByteDance Inc. (TikTok)

PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, Tbk (Alfamart) Indonesia

Marketers Continue to Believe in MTA Despite Increasing Privacy and Data Challenges in the Ecosystem

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Download the rise of voice search white paper

From direction requests in the car to step-by-step recipes in the kitchen, voice assistants are everywhere.

But this exciting new era presents complex new challenges for brands of all shapes and sizes. Almost overnight, voice search has become a critical consideration—so how do you succeed in a world where the top search result is everything and all subsequent spots are unspoken?

Find out how the two leading voice assistants—Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant—react to different types of queries; how local search is being redefined; and how to make sure your brand is heard in the age of voice.

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Google’s “don’t be evil” motto is well known, but so is its tendency towards monopolistic practices. As the primary and ubiquitous source of business information, the search giant is fast becoming more authoritative than even a company’s own website, allowing it to gradually transform organic tactics into lucrative pay-to-win exercises. That’s why we regularly pivot our tools and services to help savvy businesses thrive in the rapidly changing world of Local Presence Management.

December, 2019
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