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Behavioural targeting pays off for the Progressive Business Forum

April 6, 2010
Submitted by Yonder Media

With the objective of achieving sustained economic growth and prosperity, The Progressive Business Forum (PBF) turned to Yonder Media to develop and execute a mobile campaign that created ongoing dialogue between the business community and the country's policymakers. The campaign was required to directly engage consumers with the mobile website, creating an opportunity for the stakeholders to participate and contribute to the dialogue.

PBF already had a database and because they knew their target market they focused on the message, approach and offers to the stakeholders likely to respond favourably. One SMS campaign of 820 SMS’s with the PBF mobi site URL was sent to the PBF database. Content (ANC logo as a wallpaper) was made available to incentivise the users to profile themselves and to refer a friend. Once profiled, visitors could download full tracks and ringtones from the mobile website.

In the first three days after the text messages were sent, the site had 1684 unique visits. Between 23 – 31 March 2009, 447 Full track and 560 Ringtones were bought from the PBF mobi site. Geo stats indicate that mobi site traffic emanated from as far afield as the USA and Europe, this being the effect of refer a friend. The PBF campaign clearly demonstrates the power of behavioural targeting to drive brand awareness.