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Brett Circe

Brett Circe
Chief Digital Officer

With all aspects of business and branding now touching mobile, social and apps, I ensure that client strategies and tactics integrate seamlessly in the digital realm, in real time. I help maximize the effectiveness of big ideas to achieve client goals and objectives. I investigate online opportunities in every advertising and marketing program. As an internet pioneer, I won my first e-commerce website award from Yahoo in 1995. I have served as president of three technology companies: TKOnet, OmniPilot Software, and most recently, FanWise, a social-reward technology for which I hold two patents. I like to talk about AR/VR/MR and the Metaverse, Mobile Commerce, Advertising, Apps and anything latest, greatest, newest, best. I have a Certificate in Advanced Mobile Marketing from the University of San Francisco and hold a BFA in Graphic Design from the Ringling College of Art and Design. I am a frequent speaker on topics such as social marketing and mobile commerce. For the past 24 years, I have been a Partner, and currently hold the title of Chief Digital Officer, at Starmark, which is ranked #1 on the Mobile Marketing Association Creative Impact Index in North America.