Hung Ly, Associate Director, Mindshare
Sang Lam, Senior Executive, Mindshare
Thao Tran, Senior Digital Manager, Mindshare
Animesh Kumar, Head of Digital, Mindshare
Huyen Le T Thanh, Head of Media, Unilever
Anh Nguyen T Ngoc, Business Unit Director, Unilever
Dung Nguyen Thi My, Brand Manager, Unilever
Ha Nguyen T Thu, Assistant Brand Manager, Unilever
Miloni Patel, Strategy Director, Mindshare
Nam Dinh, Client Lead, Click Media
Thanh Tran, Digital Specialist, Click Media
Mike Allen, Founder & CMO, Jet 8
Tuan Nguyen Si, Account Executive, VCCorp
Nhut Huynh Minh, Producer, VCCorp
Ha Nguyen Kim, Producer, VCCorp