Cesar Razuri, Director of Production, Ansible
Susan Miller, Group Account Director, Ansible
Kelsey Torres, Senior Account Manager, Ansible
Kate-Renee Bouwens, Director of User Experience, Ansible
Marry Pivizian, Senior Designer, Ansible
Cody McCarthy, Senior Designer, Ansible
Suzette Sagisi, Senior Copywriter, Ansible
Eric Yamaguchi, Director of Automotive Product, Ansible
Shaheen Karimian, Automotive Product Specialist, Ansible
Rob Lamberson, Director of Analytics, Ansible
Olivia Zhang, Digital Analyst, Ansible
Mark Power, Managing Director, USA, Ansible
Scott Varland, Creative Technology Director, Ansible/IPG Lab
David Schoonover, Sr. Manager, Head of Digital, Kia Motors of America
Nathalie Choy, Sr. Web Marketing Operations Manager, Kia Motors of America
Hoda Sheidai, Web Marketing Project Manager, Kia Motors of America
Omar Pera, Founding CEO,