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Mobile Coupon Ad Unit Specifications – the Trials Continue

Adam Lavine, the CEO of FunMobility, welcomed Jeremy Agulnek from Vibes to join him as the co-chair of this group. In the recent meeting held on October 30th 2013 Adam reviewed the initial trials of a mobile ad unit that were held in Northern California. Adam noted that the trials were too small to make a big impact, but that more such efforts are planned for 2014. The committee welcomes new members, and is especially interested in participation by retailer and brand members of MMA.

Are You Involved with Programmatic in Mobile? Please Take our Survey

With 36 member companies now on the Committee, the recent meeting held on October 28th 2013, focused on what issues need to be addressed to help the market better understand the opportunities and challenges in programmatic.  Member companies submitted a series of questions and Mary Beth McCabe of National University helped prepare the survey that we want all MMA members to consider taking.

Mobile Video Benchmarking Study

A subset of the Mobile Video Committee has been working with two partners, ImServices (data aggregation and normalization) and Pre-Meditated Media (analytics) to develop the first significant benchmark analysis of the current state of mobile video.

We are just receiving and preparing the final data sets, but look here soon (as well as in the press – we will make a big deal of this!) for more news and insights.

Programmatic in Mobile – What Questions Need to Be Asked…then Answered?

The inaugural Programmatic Committee was held September 30, 2013 with about 15 of the 27 MMA committee member companies in attendance. Committee co-founders Ben Green of OpenX and Richard Lowden of RTBIQ opened the session with a run through of the original Strategic Framework and then the group turned to discussing what they see as the primary issues confronting programmatic in mobile.

Beyond the Language of Location, The Next Steps For Location Committee

The MMA NA Location Committee met on September 30, 2013 to discuss the recent release of the “Location Terminology Guide - The Language of Location”. Announced during the signature mobile event during Advertising Week, SM2, the paper received high praise from industry experts and pundits. The committee will soon be releasing an up-to-date “industry landscape” detailing all the major segments and players within the mobile location ecosystem.

Programmatic is really movin’ and shakin’ advertising and MMA needs you!

A number of MMA members, led by Richard Lowden of RTBIQ and Ben Green of OpenX, have created the seminal Strategic Framework around real time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying and selling in mobile. This effort is arising out of an industry need to deal specifically with the unique challenges and opportunities that are coming with programmatic in mobile. 

The NAI Released Privacy Guidelines for Mobile Ad Networks – Learn More

Chapell & Associates, joined Anthony Prestia from the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), to discuss the background and impact the NAI Mobile Application Code will have on MMA members that are advertising sellers or buyers.

This discussion provided an overview of the newly released principles, an explanation of how the NAI principles interact with other industry initiatives, and the opportunity to ask questions about the NAI mobile compliance program. This webinar is available for review and download here: https://vimeo.com/72842676