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The SMARTIES Awards is the world’s only global mobile marketing awards program honoring innovation, creativity, and success.

Judging criteria is as follows:

  • Creative: 20%
  • Strategy: 20%
  • Execution: 20%
  • Results (Business Impact): 40%

While achieving the above touchstones are instrumental to success, it is critical to remember that across all entries in all categories, the work must have mobile at its core. To be certain of this, it may help to ask yourself “If we were to remove mobile from this idea/execution, would it still work?”

There are 24 categories which celebrate the channels used by mobile marketers, the sectors they operate in and some special awards for the most innovative brands in the industry. You may enter as many categories as you wish. To increase your chances of winning, consider entering your work in multiple categories and across regions.

Marketing Objective Categories
There are 6 categories to choose from: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation/Direct Response/Conversions, Product/Services Launch, Promotion, Relationship Building/CRM, Social Impact/Not-For-Profit

Media Categories
There are 9 categories to choose from: Cross Media, Cross Mobile Integration, Mobile Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports, Messaging, Mobile App, Mobile Native, Mobile Search, Mobile Social, Mobile Website

Technology Categories
There are 9 categories to choose from: Innovation, Location Based Services or Targeting, Mobile Payments/Commerce, Mobile Video, VR/AR (New in 2017), 360 Degree Video (New in 2017), Mobile Audio, The Internet of Things - Products in Market, The Internet of Things - Products in Prototype/Incubator Stage

When entering into these categories, you should present your entry in a way that addresses the challenge as outlined in the category definition. Be sure to review the category definitions to ensure your effort meets the criteria of the specific category definition.

Unsure where your campaign would fit best? Contact us, and we will get back to you with recommendations.

Category Definitions


Smarties awards are presented as follows:

  • Category Award Winners – Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Best In Show – Winner is selected from the gold winners of each category
  • Industry Awards – The best-of-the-best in the mobile marketing industry. Winners will have a direct impact in the growth of the industry and are chosen by MMA Board Members

Judging Criteria

For the purposes of judging, all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by the Jury. However, in any editorial write-up about entries, some information may be needed from the written entries. Any information that is commercially sensitive and which may not be used in an editorial write up should be noted in the write-up.

Submissions are considered according to:

  • Strategy (20%): Please provide an explanation of why you believe your entry satisfies the criteria for the category entered. Judges look for information and understanding of the business and/or marketing challenge along with a solid mobile strategy. Please ensure your submission references research, creativity, demographic targets, technologies leveraged as well as other strategic considerations for the campaign.

    Consider these 4 questions:
  1. What was your strategic objective? (Increased market share, brand awareness, time engaged with the brand, sales, leads)
  2. Who was your intended target audience?
  3. What was your creative and media strategy?
  4. Context – is the first year of campaign? If not how has your strategy adapted to previous results and new technology?
  • Execution (20%): Please provide an explanation of how the campaign was implemented and its level of success.

Consider these 8 questions:

  1. How did the execution or enabling technology help achieve results?
  2. How was the mobile component or enabling technology integrated into the overall marketing strategy?
  3. How creative or sophisticated was the campaign in its use of mobile media?
  4. What did the mobile channel or enabling technology bring to the overall campaign that other marketing channels missed?
  5. How was the mobile channel or enabling technology matched to specific markets, demographics relevant to the overall campaign execution?
  6. What percent of the campaign budget went to mobile?
  7. How well was mobile technology leveraged?
  8. Was the campaign compliant with MMA guidelines and best practices? And, what impact did the campaign have on the market?
  • Creativity (20%): Criteria such as consumer engagement, unique use of mobile media types, creativity dynamics and integration with overall campaign will be considered. Samples of marketing materials and case studies should be provided and must be received at the time of submission to be considered with the application. The video must be hosted by a third party. Please make it as easy as possible for judges to experience the creative as originally intended.

Creative Samples Guidelines:

  • Active URL to landing page or FTP site with links to each creative element of the campaign; or multiple active URLs (separate each URL with a comma). If providing links, please make sure sites are live. Broken links are grounds for disqualification.
  • Login information – if applicable
    • User name
    • Password
  • Additional instructions (for example, “click on the XYZ campaign tab”)
  • It is strongly recommended that you submit a case study video with your entry: A short (2-3 minute) case study video, or brief written case (2 pages maximum) study that captures the creative and actual interactive experience.
  • Creative Video Guidelines:
    You cannot upload video directly to the submission form. Creative samples must be accessible via URL or they cannot be viewed or scored by the judges.

    Recommended formats:
    • Youtube (embedded video or direct link) or video provided by Vimeo, Brightcove, or other embedded means.
    • Flash video (embedded within a creative URL)
    • Quicktime (.mov or m4v)
  • Results (Business Impact) (40%): Each submission must include qualitative and quantitative data to support claims of success.

    Consider these 6 questions:
    1. Did the campaign achieve its objectives and goals?
    2. What impact did the campaign have on the market, if any?
    3. How innovative was the campaign?
    4. What impact did the campaign or enabling technology have on future utilization of mobile in their business?
    5. How did consumers receive the campaign? Note: information entered here will be kept confidential to MMA staff and judges and will not be shared publicly unless express consent is received from the key point of contact for this submission.
    6. Calculate a figure for return on investment (based on sales, profit, etc.).

New Judging Criteria

Due to its exploratory nature, the following categories will have less weight on results than the others - that doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t include the impact to your current business or potential shifts it will create for your future marketing efforts.

  • Innovation: For this category, innovation in mobile marketing can come from two different places: Groundbreaking/new technologies or an unconventional/creative use of existing technology.
  • The Internet of Things: composed of any technology, device or wearable that sends and receives data via the mobile driven internet.
    (1) Products in Market - for this category, we are looking for products that are out in the market right now. If possible, please submit the actual product.
    (2) Products in Prototype/Incubator Stage - for this category, we are looking for products that exist as a prototype or are in an incubator stage. If possible, please submit the actual prototype or illustrate very clearly its design and functionality.