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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 8:30am to 11:00am EST
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Post 390, 406 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02116

Search Trends: Sell More Online by Understanding Consumer Search Trends

Join Jumpshot's Head of Digital Insights, Dr. Stephen Kraus as he shares new data and the latest trends marketers should know about when it comes to search, SEO, and ecommerce. Attendees will walk away with practical strategies for SEO excellence and discover how Chewy and Wayfair have used paid search to sell more online.

Learn about:

  • Consumer search trends: People increasingly search with terms that are personal and proximal, like near me, for me, open now and same-day delivery. We’ll explore how these natural language searches provide greater insight into consumer intent, and where consumers are in the funnel
  • SERP trends: As consumer search behavior evolves, so have Google’s Search Engine Results Pages. We’ll demonstrate how today’s SERPs are different, and how companies can thrive in an ecosystem where consumers increasingly don’t click on SERPs at all
  • Paid search: Paid click-through rates on Google are rising, and a growing number of product views on Amazon are sponsored. We’ll detail how to profit from these trends, and explore case studies of brands (such as Chewy and Wayfair) that have successfully bought high-converting traffic via paid search
  • Product-related search: Over 90% of searches happen on Google, but 54% of product-related search happens on Amazon. Learn how to leverage this new battleground for lower-funnel, highly-converting, product-related searches.
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