Programmatic is really movin’ and shakin’ advertising and MMA needs you! | MMA Global

A number of MMA members, led by Richard Lowden of RTBIQ and Ben Green of OpenX, have created the seminal Strategic Framework around real time bidding (RTB) and programmatic buying and selling in mobile. This effort is arising out of an industry need to deal specifically with the unique challenges and opportunities that are coming with programmatic in mobile. 

The MMA is currently recruiting current members to join other MMA members including Accordant Media, Mojiva, OpenX, RTB.IQ, Rubicon Project, Velti and Xaxis. If your are a DMP, DSP or SSP you need to be here. For more info on the effort, please contact Leo Scullin at [email protected] and to join MMA contact John Grifferty at [email protected].

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