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New algorithm from Widespace triples ad relevance

March 27, 2015
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Reaching users with personally relevant ads significantly increases campaign ROI compared to random impression. Widespace’s self-learning brand algorithm uses big data insights in order to show an ad where it has the strongest impact. The uniqueness of the algorithm is that it’s based on brand metrics rather than just clicks. With this exciting new release, Widespace has developed and launched a unique Recommender System, predicting how relevant ads are to different users. ”To create the Brand Algorithm, we have fed the results from over 18,000 rich media brand campaigns with billions of ad impressions into the system and paired that with the feedback from 30,000 brand impact survey respondents. This has resulted in significant delivery improvements”, says Ilkka Lassila, CTO at Widespace. “The data collected from these surveys provides us with insights on the impact our campaigns have on brand values such as observation, message recall and relevance. These insights are then fed into the brand algorithm. This makes our technology rather unique because we can predict ad relevance based not only on clicks and downloads, but also on brand variables”, Lassila continues. The relevance of an ad is of huge importance for a campaign’s impact. The results from Widespace brand impact studies, run after the new brand algorithm was applied, reveals that ads with the highest Recommender System strengths have a three times higher relevancy score amongst users. In turn, relevance has a massive impact on purchase intent: users who answered that an ad is very relevant are 17 times more likely to make a purchase when compared to users who answered the ad was not at all relevant. “Relevant ads benefit all parties”, says Lassila. “The advertiser gains greater campaign affect, the smartphone user gets a more relevant ad experience, and the publisher benefits from overall improved user experience. Everybody wins.” For more information, please contact: Bernadette Glendennan[email protected]+44 (0) 7725 260438 Widespace, the key to better brand engagement Widespace is the leading mobile brand advertising company in Europe, creating powerful bonds between brands and their audiences. We do this by combining engaging ad formats in premium placements delivered by our unique Brand Algorithm. Widespace drives brand awareness and purchase intent and reaches over 100 million smartphone users on their favourite sites and apps - generating great results for brands and publishers alike. Widespace was founded in Sweden in 2007, and is now present in nine countries across Europe.