Dina D’Souza | MMA
Dina D’Souza
Vice President - Revenues

Dina has 16 years of experience in the print and digital media industry. She is part of the leadership team at POKKT, the leading video ad platform for Mobile games in the APAC region. She is responsible for driving sales & building the revenue strategy for the organisation across markets. On board since January 2016, she has successfully driven discussions with key partners on the mobile gaming ecosystem which has led to some of the TOP brands scaling revenues & including mobile gaming as part their digital strategy. Her previous assignments have involved sales and leadership roles in 9X Media, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Bennett Coleman & Co. Limited.

Prior to joining Pokkt, she drove revenues and the sales strategy for 9X Media's Entertainment assets across digital platforms. At Microsoft, she was responsible for driving the India revenue goals for MSN, Skype and Windows Phone and led the Sales House partnership for India.

Dina is an experienced sales leader and well known in the Indian digital media industry. She holds a MBA in Marketing from the Sydenham Institute of Management in Mumbai.

She is extremely passionate about the digital media. Outside of work, Dina loves Music, Travel & trying out different cuisines.