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Monday, February 10, 2020

08:30 AM – 09:30 AM

Breakfast & Registration

09:30 AM – 09:35 AM

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks

09:35 AM – 09:55 AM

Keynote Session

Getting your organisation fit for MARS

In the marketing world, Mobile, Analytics, Real-Time and Social media (MARS) have transformed everything.

How are organisations getting ready for MARS?

In this session, Chris Babayode, MD MMA EMEA will share a pathway for marketers, by sharing a growth fit strategy, outlining:

  • a map of all marketing capabilities that are possible to embed in an organization
  • a method to customise the map to the needs of a specific company and their growth strategy
  • a way to determine priorities for development designed to build best fit
Managing Director, EMEA

09:55 AM – 10:20 AM

Keynote Session

How to Engage Users on Social Media

Although an unlimited number of applications are being published every day, consumers are still spending most of their limited time in their favorite social media apps. Although this is an advantage for well known global platforms, they also face the challenge of engaging the individuals and retaining the audience interest. That also affects how brands should approach to the consumers on certain platforms.

In this session Saleh Bdeir, Senior Client Partner, Twitter will talk about the user behaviour on the platform and how brands engage or join the conversations happening.

Senior Client Partner

10:20 AM – 10:45 AM

Keynote Session

Experience As the New Currency for Brand Love.

Consumers' love for brands is the result of strong emotional relationships that need to be built upon. Brand experience is a set of feelings, sensations, cognitions and behaviours evoked by brand-related stimuli. The overall brand experience can trigger several emotional responses such as brand love. 

In this session will talk about how brands could create a seamless and solid brand experience to lead brand love.

Platform Strategy Director

10:45 AM – 11:10 AM

Keynote Session

Breaking Through the Noise: Why We Really Need to Automate

The average marketer works with more than 15 ad platforms to manage campaigns and optimize KPIs. It’s no surprise that 84% of CEOs are concerned with how data-driven decisions are made. Find out how 49% of marketers are adopting automation and getting a leg up on the competition.

Product Marketing Manager

11:10 AM – 11:25 AM

Networking Break

11:25 AM – 11:55 AM

Panel Session

The future of advertising isn’t data-driven: it’s data-led

For the last decade, marketers have accepted the established wisdom that modern businesses need to be data-driven to offer services that are closely tailored to individual customers. 

But despite their best intentions, many organisations are still struggling to become the ‘data driven’. The reason might be that they use the data insights from AI and analytics technologies to inform human decision-making, but not trusting the technology to make decisions itself. 

Considering how large the volumes of data are becoming, and how crucial it is to be able to customise products, services and marketing techniques at scale, it’s no wonder that human judgement could be a bottleneck for data-powered decision-making. 

In this session we'll discuss first-party data vs 360-degree consumer profile, the imperative use of AI and the growing privacy regulations around data

Chief Investment & Strategy Officer
Director, Data & Technology
General Manager
Future Tech Media
General Manager Marketing & PR
Infiniti Middle East
Head of Digital Marketing, IMEA
Daniel Wellington
In Partnership With:

11:55 AM – 12:10 PM

Keynote Session

Mobile Gaming in the Region

The audience shift from traditional media to mobile devices is followed by the mobile gaming trend. And now we live in a world where mobile gaming revenues already surprassed the PC and console.  Download fees, in-app purchases, in-game advertising and subscription fees can all contribute to a mobile game’s overall earnings.  But who is the audience, is there a typical gamer profile? 

In this session we will hear AdColony's mobile gaming research results to have an idea about who is the mobile gaming audience in the region. 

Country Manager KSA & North Africa

12:10 PM – 12:25 PM

Panel Session

Mobile Gaming in the Region

In this session we will discuss the mobile gaming consumer demographics, habits and preferences to reveal  that the mobile gaming audience worldwide is a huge opportunity for developers and publishers to grow, and a positive market, ripe for advertisers to dive into.

Regional Director, Turkey and MENA
Country Manager KSA & North Africa
Founder & Manager
Digital Games Conference Dubai
In Partnership With:

12:25 PM – 12:55 PM

Panel Session

AdFraud and Brand Safety in Performance campaigns

The ad industry has long struggled with a poor public reception and low trust due to the high prevalence of fraud. Brand safety has therefore become a key issue for marketers, ensuring that their ads are published on appropriate platforms, and at a fair price.

So how ad fraud can mess with every aspect of marketing? How much damage is done to brands when they appear against inappropriate content? How can we win the fight against this endemic in our industry?

In this panel session we’ll cover these issues with the topics below:

  • How app and web performance campaigns suffer from fraud 
  • Brand Safety in Performance Campaigns 
  • AdFraud in Middle East 
  • Best practices to protect against fraud
CTO & Founder
Regional Director, Outcomes
Mindshare MENA
Regional Director Data & Technology
IPG Media Brands
CEO & Founder
Urban Monks
In Partnership With:

12:55 PM – 13:55 PM

Lunch Break

13:55 PM – 14:00 PM

Afternoon Remarks

14:00 PM – 14:30 PM

Panel Session

Mobile Attribution & Ecosystem

The data from a mobile attribution partner provides the necessary insight into a user’s entire journey: how they arrived at your app, how they interact with it, and how those behaviors and patterns compare and differ across cohorts. Mobile attribution ties each user to the ad they interact with, giving you full transparency for your media performance across multiple advertising channels in one unified platform. Use this conversion data for in-depth analysis that optimizes your app marketing to drive significant and sustainable growth.

In Impact Dubai 2020, we will discuss what attribution is, why is it important and what happens on this ecosystem?

Senior Sales Manager MENA & Turkey
Product Sales Specialist, App
Head of Digital Marketing
Al Tayer Group Digital Commerce
Digital Marketing Analyst
In Partnership With:

14:30 PM – 14:55 PM

Keynote Session

Dare to compare: M-Web Vs In-App

At every digital marketing gathering, it is vital to reassure that the fundamentals of mobile channels selection is broken down with clarity. This presentation will shed light on the functional differences between mobile web Vs Mobile-In app environments.

Mobile Advertising Strategist

14:55 PM – 15:20 PM

Keynote Session

Unlocking the Consumer Unconscious: Applying Metaphor in Neuromarketing

Metaphors are critical to understanding the drivers of emotion, thought and behavior. The metaphors you and your customers use to frame your products, brands and categories are major determinants of marketing success. Metaphors are especially powerful in finding the deeper, unconscious themes and mental models that transcend surface level differences among customers.

In this presentation, you will:

• Be introduced to key tenets of metaphor theory

• Explore your own metaphors for addressing key issues

• Avoid getting trapped in the Seduction of Differences, the notion that surface level differences among customers are more important than the deeper dimensions around which they may vary

CEO & Partner
Olson Zaltman
In Partnership With:

15:20 PM – 15:50 PM

Panel Session

Who Owns Data in the Digital Age?

To unlock the value of data, businesses must radically re-think how they operate. With many organizations embarking on building digital and data analytics capabilities, it is from our experience that starting small whilst thinking big delivers the best results. We live in a hyper connected world, businesses must innovate and reimagine their business model to realize the value of data, by industry these applications are different, for Telcos, Retail and Banking.

In this session we'll talk about the ownership of data, how marketers could gain advantage using data practices and how regulations could effect the future of advertising.

Managing Director, Accenture Interactive MENA
Accenture Interactive
Head of Digital Marketing
Director, Digital Advertising
Chief Data Officer
Choueiri Group

15:50 PM – 16:15 PM

Keynote Session

Unleash Data for Marketing Led Growth

Marketing has undergone a fundamental shift. Gone is the old approach – working off assumptions or a gut feeling. Today, marketers turn to the most reliable source of information: The customer data.  In terms of analyzing and using data they've come a long way but still have a long way to go with the challenges ahead.

In the session we will talk about how data can be used today in different  actions such as  channel planning, content investment, communications, UI/UX, personalization etc. and how could we prepare ourselves for the future.


Senior VP, Strategy

16:15 PM – 16:20 PM

Closing Remarks