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November, 2018 | Singapore

Friday, August 17, 2018

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Welcome from MMA

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The Consumer Trends Every Marketer Should Know

955am – 1015am

Are you suffering from Ad Fraud and don’t even know it?

Whilst it is difficult to determine the scale and the cost of Mobile Advertising Fraud, one thing is true - it is a real concern for marketers today. As budgets move to mobile, so do fraudsters who follow where the money flows. Marketers can lack the expertise or resources to actively identify and address mobile fraud, especially install and post-install app fraud. Whilst there is no one size fits all solution, there are strategies and tactics that marketers should be implementing in order to fight this battle.

1015am – 1035am

Brand Safety

Displaying and buying ads in the wrong environment is likely to cause serious damage to the image of a company and its brands. Implementing Brand Safety Strategies are key along with having a tool set and an independent partner capable of verifying placements and environments.

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Networking Break

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Session TBA

1120am – 1140am

How Mobile Apps are Changing the World

Mobile apps have shaped the way we live our daily lives. Today there is an app for everything and while many focus on entertainment or productivity, there are a category of apps whose mission is to tackle bigger social issues.  Don't miss this inspirational session on how mobile is shaping the future.

1140am – 1200pm

Welcome to the Cognitive Era

Artificial intelligence has become de rigeur within media and advertising industry. To better understand how AI fits within the advertising ecosystem and how to put AI theory into practice, this session will discuss the multitudinous ways in which AI is impacting our lives with an eye towards how AI is specifically revolutionizing the work of media professionals, increasing the speed and accuracy of decision-making whilst allowing media professionals to spend more time on high value strategic work.

1200pm – 1240pm

Session TBA

1240pm – 145pm

Networking Lunch

145pm – 210pm

A MMA MOSTT Research Study: Competing on M.A.R.S. – A Look into the Emerging Marketing Capabilities for Today’s Market

This session introduces a new framework for organizing marketing work based on Marketing Capability Stacks. In particular, it’ll identify five different models for how a firm can combine the stacks to compete more effectively in today’s landscape. This session shares examples of how the development of these stacks varies across firms, and insights to select the right model for your organization, based on organization design, processes, metrics, skills and culture. This is the first of a number of projects brought to you by the MOSTT initiative.

210pm – 230pm

The Evolution of Immersive and Personalized Media

230pm – 250pm

Ads for the On-Demand Era

People have more power than ever regarding when, how, and where they access media. However, the majority of today’s advertising gives people zero control. This session will share compelling research and data around user-initiated video, which gives consumers the power to engage with full-screen, video advertising on their terms. You'll also see examples of how user-initiated video is driving key business outcomes while delivering the ad quality metrics brands expect. Learn more about this powerful format that’s used by some of the biggest gaming, music and entertainment platforms in the world.

250pm – 310pm

Get Ahead of Your Competitors. Be Where your Customers Are – in apps

Mobile apps are transforming business and brands as we know it as they increasingly become the most direct channel to reach and engage with customers. But with millions of apps vying for installs, how do you cut through the noise to attract and acquire high-quality users at scale? This session will dive into how to use data and insights to strengthen your mobile approach, share best practices and tips and tricks to create winning mobile marketing strategies that differentiate companies from competitors.

310pm – 345pm

Networking Break

350pm – 410pm

Can You Hear Me Now?

410pm – 430pm

Session TBA

430pm – 450pm

Brands are Defining the Market Areas of the Future with Location Data: Here's How

Brands have traditionally turned to market area targeting, but today's innovative brands are taking a new approach and going beyond market area targeting to drive powerful new customer insights. Key to this new approach is location data and its ability to connect consumer audience commute patterns with brands' own store locations. Hear how brands are innovating by creating the market areas of the future, using these audiences to craft more resonant media campaigns, and ensuring that marketing dollars aren't wasted on targeting inefficiencies. You’ll also hear real-world examples of how retail, automotive, and dining brands are implementing these techniques.

450pm – 520pm

Session TBA

520pm – 530pm

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