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New York, New York 10001


Telephone:  212.400.1212

Fax:  212.714.0738

Email:  [email protected]


Company Overview


Flycell is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Italian mobile-messaging pioneer Acotel Group. Launched in November of 2004, Flycell empowers mobile lifestyles by delivering personalized infotainment on the fly - unique and custom information, entertainment and more - to mobile users across the US.


Flycell leverages Acotel Group's proven expertise in developing and operating consumer infotainment services in Europe with partners including MTV, IBM and Telecom Italia. In the US, Flycell is delivering original content and services for consumers and is partnering with media companies to deliver partner-branded mobile messaging services.

For media companies, Flycell provides the ability to implement revenue-generating mobile messaging services that are designed to target users based on their special interests and lifestyles. With the ability to target and offer content tailored to specific communities, media companies are able to strengthen customer relationships and turn passive audiences into active buying customers.

For consumers, Flycell provides a broad range of premium SMS and MMS services and a variety of do-it-yourself MMS capabilities like mobile greeting cards and wallpapers that empower mobile users to customize their phones and make them an extension of their personalities.