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CX Unplugged 2022: Customer Experience Trends & Strategy

MMA CX Unplugged Virtual • April 5-6, 2022

It’s hardly a secret to say marketers are shifting their focus from brand to customer experience as the growth engine of the future. However, many of these same marketers are reluctant to “go all in” on this shift due to a perceived complexity and risk associated with making the shift and in turn reaping the full potential benefit of true CX delivery.

So how can organizations overcome perceptions and navigate complexity and deliver a successful CX transformation agenda to unlock growth in 2022 and beyond?

MMA’s CX Unplugged Virtual (formerly IMPACT) brings together marketers and experts to share how to use experience as a competitive advantage. Attendees will learn about:

  • Identity marketing and the need for one single source of truth across all platforms
  • The importance of data in delivering experiences and building trust
  • How to create emotional connections that are immersive and interactive
  • New approaches to delivering personalized, relevant experiences in a privacy first world
  • How to elevate the CX function from within

The event will feature compelling case studies, thought leadership, trends and technologies that are fueling the customer experience industry transformation.

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