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Guidance Report: Location Audience Targeting

June, 2015
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No longer just a tool for "in the moment" targeting, major brands are now leveraging the rich contextual information that location provides to create highly-targeted audience segments, enabling them to strategically target consumers at specific points in their day, not just when they're within close proximity of a brand's store or restaurant.

This is a great resource for Brands, Retailers, Agency Creative and Analytics vendors and experts.

Key Insights & Takeaways

  • How to create location based audiences
  • Leveraging the data behind location-based audiences
  • Incorporating non-location data to enrich profiles
  • Guidance on optimal ad formats and creative
  • 5 case studies detailing how brands are using audience targeting

The paper also details how brands like Goodwill®, Walmart and Denny’s have all successfully used location data to enhance audience segments and achieve impressive results using various campaign tactics.

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