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Thursday, October 13, 2022

8:00AM – 8:55AM ET

Registration & Continental Breakfast

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9:00AM – 9:10AM ET

Welcome Remarks

Enterprise Suite

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
MMA Global

9:10AM – 9:40AM ET

Session 1

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Crossing the Bridge between Digital Transformation and Strategy

As consumers of data, chief digital officers are evolving their role and owning more of the customer journey and experience. This panel discussion will talk about how CDOs are bridging digital transformation and business strategy and how data brings both increasing strategic opportunity and enterprise risk.


Chief Digital Officer
MMA Global

9:40AM – 10:05AM ET

Session 2

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Capture, Govern, Activate: A Privacy-First Marketing Data Strategy

Digitization, data-driven marketing as well as data requirements are causing companies to re-think their data strategies and how the shifting privacy and data landscape will impact marketing teams. But how can companies instill a balance between all the data-related activities that lead to successful (and compliant) business objectives while prioritizing privacy? Join OneTrust’s Strategist Alex Cash to learn how you can supercharge your data strategy in 2023 and best practices for capturing, governing, and activating data that will drive lead volume, mitigate compliance risk, and build consumer trust.

Director of Strategy

10:05AM – 10:20AM ET

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The First-Party Data Effect: Quantifying its Positive Impact on Your Marketing Operation

Third-party data deprecation and the new consumer privacy landscape are disrupting long-standing marketing practices. However, companies that are embracing transformation and prioritizing the shift to first-party data are reaping the rewards. In this session, BlueConic will quantify the positive impact companies are experiencing from empowering their marketing teams with unified, actionable, and privacy-compliant first-party data that increases their agility, improves productivity, enables faster innovation, and ultimately drives business outcomes.

Director of Product Marketing

10:25AM – 10:50AM ET

Breakout Sessions

Combatting Audience Erosion: Creating A Sustainable Customer Acquisition Strategy Amidst Data Deprecation

Room: Expand

The evolving privacy landscape poses more complexity for marketers than ever before. Big Tech companies are taking measures to obfuscate Mobile Ad IDs and IPs across their platforms. Google continues their slow march to cookie deprecation. What’s worked in the past may not work in the future, and savvy marketers need to plan ahead to continue to drive new customer acquisitions. Join Mike Finnerty at Neustar, a TransUnion Company to learn how to build sustainable digital audience strategies with persistent offline data and effectively reach omnichannel consumers across channels to drive conversions.

VP, Marketing Solutions Global Services

Planning in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

Room: Invest

With economic turmoil, marketing plans and budgets are at no longer on solid ground as business leaders wrestle with uncertainty. Mike Menkes, SVP at Analytic Partners shares ways businesses can leverage data, analytics and insights to plan for an uncertain future, find opportunities and mitigate any losses. Through research from Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome intelligence this session will provide insights and strategies not only to survive, but thrive.




Senior Vice President
Analytic Partners

10:55AM – 11:15AM ET

Networking Break

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11:20AM – 11:50AM ET

Session 3

Enterprise Suite

The Democratization of Data

Data democratization is requiring companies to share data across all key functions of the organization. This empowers employees to make informed decisions and create customer experiences that are powered by data. In this fireside chat, David Schey, SVP Customer Experience Solutions at Zeta Global sits down for a stimulating conversation around the democratization of data. He will discuss how it removes friction from insights to activation, the changing the role of analytics, and share case study examples of how it’s being used to gain deeper insights that drive business results.

Senior Vice President of the Data Cloud
Zeta Global

11:50AM – 12:20PM ET

Session 4

Enterprise Suite

The Superpower of Data

How publishers and advertisers are combining their unique data assets to improve outcomes and drive growth. This panel discussion brings together marketers to share how they are unlocking the superpower of data through the unification of signals across owned and paid channels and discuss what success looks like.


Former VP, Global Media Director
Senior Director, Global Data Science and Digital Analytics
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health
Chief Client Officer, EVP
The Trade Desk

12:20PM – 12:50PM ET

Session 5

Enterprise Suite

Sailing in Mexico & the Future of Digital Advertising

Organizations today face unprecedented challenges that require creative thinking, new partnerships, and a plan that’s mapped with data. Join LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe for an in-depth discussion on the future of digital advertising, what it takes to stay competitive, and strategies you can use now to navigate even the most complex business environments.

Chief Executive Officer

12:50PM – 1:00PM ET

Lunch Insights

Enterprise Suite

Understanding the Millennial Consumer

Approximately 10 years ago, we had lofty expectations for Millennials, and for good reason - they were poised to become the most affluent, social media-obsessed, and powerful cohort in society. Given the seismic shifts in consumer behavior as of late, TEGNA commissioned proprietary research of today’s millennials to uncover what they REALLY think, feel, and do today. Join Dave Neway, VP of Marketing Solutions as he reveals the six unique sub-segments within the millennial generation, shares key insights from the research and discusses the opportunities for marketers to better engage this audience.

VP, Marketing Solutions

1:00PM – 2:00PM ET


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2:05PM – 2:35PM ET

Session 6

Enterprise Suite

How Your Approach to Privacy Will Affect Your Reputation

Privacy is important to your consumers and has always been. But the last few years have seen a tectonic shift in how privacy is addressed by companies. From something that sat with R&D and product teams, it is now moving towards marketing departments. As a result, privacy strategies can impact your brand perception and reputation and should be treated as such by your organization. In this session, attendees will learn how to address these changes and what can be done to mitigate or eliminate this risk.

Global Head of Performance Marketing & Media
Director of Growth Marketing NA

2:35PM – 3:05PM ET

Session 7

Enterprise Suite

Attribution is Hard: Deep-Dive into Data Challenges & Advancements Impacting Attribution

In today’s world, it’s critical to ensure marketing investment delivers outcomes for the brand. However, with changes in the ecosystem, challenges with data management, & organization silos, achieving this goal is harder than ever and marketers are accepting inadequate solutions to make marketing decisions. In this session, we’ll dive into our ‘Attribution is Hard’ whitepaper research with a focused conversation on the data challenges impacting attribution, as well as recent advancements helping to overcome these challenges.


Senior Director - Enterprise Insight, Strategy & Analytics
Marriott International
VP, The Knowledge Lab
Head of Marketing Analytics
Ally Bank

3:10PM – 3:35PM ET

Breakout Session

How Brands Can Optimize Privacy-First Data-Driven Strategies

Room: Expand

Transactional data is some of the most valuable, but sensitive, data that marketers can have at their disposal. In the last year, the rise of retailers creating their own retail media networks are empowering brands, especially CPGs, to supplement their data strategies. In this breakout session, discover the practical application of data clean rooms to help marketers supplement their audiences with real-time data and insights from retailers and tips into how to securely collaborate with some of the largest brands and retailers in the world.

Global Director of Sales Engineering
Executive Vice President, Global Media Solutions

Cross-Platform Attribution in a Fragmented Media Landscape 

Room: Invest

As the media landscape expands for consumers, the data landscape expands for marketers, making it hard to know which campaigns are hitting the mark—and which may be way off target. But, as with most marketing challenges, measuring channel effectiveness and determining attribution becomes much more manageable with the right data. Join Nielsen’s Molly Poppie, SVP of Strategic Initiatives, as she breaks down how to evaluate reach, frequency and attribution across platforms to boost campaign performance and maximize impact.

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
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3:35PM – 3:55PM ET

Networking Break

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4:00PM – 4:25PM ET

Session 8

Enterprise Suite

Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean We Should – Operationalizing The Ethical Application Of Data In Media

Despite the global adoption of government privacy policy and technology regulation, consumer mistrust in big tech and media has never been higher. When it comes to using data in media, marketers are often faced with “grey areas” – where a tactic is legally acceptable but feels somewhat invasive for the end consumer. In this session, Stephanie Gaynor, Managing Director, Customer Strategy at Mindshare will talk about the importance of data ethics, how to identify those grey areas, and how to put solutions in place to operationalize the ethical application of data.

Managing Director, Data Strategy

4:25PM – 4:55PM ET

Session 9

Enterprise Suite

Tools You Can Use In The Age Of Experimentation

The Privacy Sandbox is focused on developing purpose-built APIs to support digital advertising as well as other capabilities that modern sites need while meeting the needs for user's increasing expectations of privacy as they browse the web. Striking the right balance involves input and collaboration from diverse voices including the privacy community, regulators, publishers, advertisers, technology providers, and others. In this session, Chrome’s Senior Product Manager, Marshall Vale, will share more about the philosophy behind this initiative, how marketers can prepare, and ways Chrome can support you and your partners in these transitions.

Group Product Manager

4:55PM – 5:00PM ET

Closing Remarks

Enterprise Suite

5:00PM – 6:00PM ET


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