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An All-Star Agenda for an All-Star Audience

As in past years, there will be amazing insights on stage, including the latest proprietary, never-before-seen insights delivered to you from CMOs on MMA’s unique and powerful areas of insights. Including the value of Brand, AI, growth frameworks, marketing org, customer experience, attribution, value of marketing, data, digital transformation, and more. In fact, there will be more this year than EVER, including the following:

  • Hear from a CEO who served as a CMO previously on how they got to the top spot, and what they now want from marketing and CMOs, given their new perspective.
  • Hear from CMOs, who struggled through the pandemic, share their newly-learned lessons for how we all might get through the challenging times this year and beyond.
  • The latest research on what scientifically defines a Winning Marketing Org and how Org design contributes to the actual financial performance of the company.
  • Professors to share on how Marketing Mission is the first thing to get right in a marketing organization and its impact on marketing employee satisfaction. 
  • Research by MMA’s marketing org think tank last year has determined that Marketers give their marketing department a -1.3% Net Promoter Score. WTF!?!! And what can be done about it?
  • We’ll have 4-6 major brands able to share how using AI, they boosted digital advertising performance from +100% to a mind-blowing +300% and the complexity in operationalizing that.
  • We’ll see first-time-ever-in-the-world results via the CMOs that ran studies to assess the value of Brand long term, in the way a CFO might appreciate it. Preview: it appears that the cost of customer acquisition might be 1/10th for brand “favorables.”
  • Learn from 2-4 CMOs on how we thought Growth was best created might have been actually wrong, but more importantly, based on 12 months of research, how we can do 2-4x better.
  • New research released for the first time on Customer Experience, Benchmark of AI, Data Maturity, Digital Transformation’s 2023 priorities and more.
  • Hear MMA’s progress in connecting marketing’s impact to financials, facilitating a healthy and high-impact dialogue between CMOs & CEOs. 
  • And to hear the best-ever Sunday night inspirational speaker that will, in general, help you to realize the world can and will be a better place.

If you are a data person...

Here are some of what will be shared at this year’s CMO & CEO Summit, with numbers:

  • New Growth Framework that boosts marketing performance +50% to +100%.
  • How can money balling marketing add up to 100% in impact?
  • Brand can cut customer acquisition costs by 8x
  • Best-of-breed propensity-base segmentations can cut customer acquisition costs by 10x
  • Boost digital marketing performance a mind-blowing +300% for new products
  • AI applied in creative boosts performance +150%
  • Boost overall company profits by +/-10% of total sales from just Org changes
  • The Marketing Org Design matters a lot, it turns out.
  • Marketing Departments’ average NPS is -1.3%.
  • In some Marketing Departments, NPS is 49%.


Please check back soon for the 2023 agenda.
Expected CMO and Senior Marketer Brands to be on stage:

...and more

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