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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 8:30am to 11:00am EST
Post 390, 406 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02116

Energize Your Ecommerce: Five Data-Driven Keys To Selling More Online

Join Jumpshot's Head of Digital Insights, Dr. Stephen Kraus as he shares new data and expert insights on the latest trends in eCommerce. This presentation will detail practical strategies for selling more online, based on analysis of billions of digital transactions, and trends in consumer digital behavior.

Topics will include:

  • Digital Journeys: Understanding the digital path-to-purchase across categories, and quantifying where brands and retailers can have the greatest leverage.
  • Amazon Insights: Looking behind the walled garden confirms Amazon’s continued dominance; they average 74% market share across major categories and sell 16 times more than Walmart. We’ll detail the best strategies for working with – or around – Amazon.
  • Search Trends: Navigate today’s evolving search landscape, where Google garners 90% of searches overall, but 54% of product search happens on Amazon.
  • Success stories: Case studies of brands and retailers thriving in the ecommerce space
Head of Digital Insights
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About the MMA Mobile, Muffins & Mochaccinos Breakfast Series

The MMA Mobile, Muffins & Mochaccinos Breakfast Series, inspired by the famous Algonquin Roundtables of the early 1900s, brings together some of the top minds in the mobile marketing industry to innovate, discuss, debate and impact the future of marketing in an intimate setting. They are designed to promote creative collaboration and the free exchange of ideas focused on the advancement of critical issues pertaining to the mobile marketing industry. Please join us and take your place at the table.