Smarties SA Launches: The Pendoring / SMARTIES Multilingual Marketing Efficiency Award | MMA
October 7, 2021

Smarties South Africa 2021 launches a Special Edition Pendoring / SMARTIES Multilingual Marketing Efficiency Award, in partnership with Hollard. The timing for this award is opportune as it ties in with the 2022 launch of the UN’s Decade of Indigenous Languages. This new partnership is a viable way for companies and marketers to get behind this important global UNESCO initiative.

This is an entirely new award, the cost of all entries will be sponsored by Pendoring and Hollard and will be free to entrants for 2021.

Special Edition Pendoring / SMARTIES Multilingual Marketing Efficiency Award.

Definition: Uniquely South African multilingual marketing campaigns that use local insight and creativity to achieve significant impact.

Entries should display:

  • Intelligent use of South African languages to communicate effectively with South African consumers;
  • The campaign should employ two or more of the national languages of South Africa.
  • Cultural insights should enhance the impact of the campaign (e.g. an efficient and effective multilingual campaign isn’t just translated into multiple languages, but is created with each language’s audience in mind);
  • Entries should include qualitative and quantitative data that show the impact that the campaign has had (e.g. ROI, how objectives and goals were achieved, how consumers received the campaign, and what impact the campaign had on the market);
  • Entries should include English translations either as subtitles in video or as a separate document.

Submit or Nominate a campaign here.: