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Print to Mobile Coupons: Why Sunday’s Newspaper Coupons Will Soon Be Obsolete

July 29, 2008
Print to Mobile Coupons: Why Sunday’s Newspaper Coupons Will Soon Be Obsolete
By Dan Roselli, CEO, Mobisix
With cell phones quickly becoming the preferred- and often primary-means of communication, global communication has gone mobile. With GPS navigation, instant messaging, true internet web browsing, and full email services available on our mobile handsets, why shouldn’t relevant coupons that fit our interests be accessible and redeemable on our phones as well?
The technology required to launch a mobile couponing campaign with successful coupon redemption is here.
Though the U.S. lags more sophisticated mobile markets, there are a handful of companies, such as McDonald’s, Chase, Visa, Subway, Valvoline, and Hollywood Video, that provide us with small scale detailed examples of mobile marketing campaigns used to drive awareness in the U.S., increase sales, and promote customer loyalty.
In 2007, over 350 billion text messages were sent in the U.S. Though certainly popular with the demo, text messaging is not just limited to teenage mobile users; nearly half of all active SMS users are over the age of 35. The mobile audience is a broad and diverse one that reads 94% of all text messages. A recent report by ABI research states that 63 percent of consumers feel a coupon is the most valuable form of mobile marketing.
The case for mobile marketing in general has already been widely proven, but data and statistics point to a strong present and an even brighter future for mobile coupons. JupiterResearch estimates that by 2011, over 87 billion dollars in sales will be generated by 3 billion mobile coupons.
A range of possible redemption options is available to retailers and customers. A simple text message containing a coupon code or keyword can be entered into a website or shown to a check-out cashier. The more advanced and impressive )as well as more secure) option for mobile coupons is an actual barcode that appears on the phone’s screen. This barcode can be read by standard 1D or 2D scanners as if it was a paper coupon.[i] There is no need to alter or add anything to the phone or scanner in order for the coupon to register.[ii]
Through opt-in programs, companies can reach interested customers in their target demographics with a valuable coupon. Mobile technology has the ability to increase inventory turnover, revenue, and customer loyalty, and it can do it today. A 20% off coupon for anything in the store that is only valid for the next two hours can have a significant effect on driving traffic into a large retailer on a slow Thursday afternoon. Mobile coupons can not only increase overall store activity, but can also target products for specific demographics.
Imagine mobile marketing campaigns that use real time data to fuel their strategies, putting only relevant offers in front of consumers. Imagine no more, mobile coupons have entered the marketplace. Paper is staring at the exit.
Mobisix is a full-service mobile marketing agency, focusing on general and Hispanic markets and driven by data and analytics.

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