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The MMA Primer on Mobile Analytics

The MMA Primer on Mobile AnalyticsMarketers are constantly being challenged to get the most out of their marketing budgets. The search for the optimal marketing mix, improved ROI and new consumer insights along the entire path to purchase is a constant requirement of successful marketers. The process of measuring campaign performance that informs and delivers these results is often referred to as measurement or analytics, and as noted in Figure 1 analytics is high on the list of marketer’s needs and plans. Analytics is in a maturing process in the online realm, but it remains nascent in mobile.

All forms of media measurement in mobile are being confronted in different ways. In advertising, the proper measurement of mobile ad impressions is being codified by the IAB, the Media Rating Council and the MMA. In the area of mobile audience measurement, much work remains to be done. For mobile analytics, i.e., the measurement of campaign performance along the entire path to purchase, the heavy lifting is just beginning.

Late last year the IAB and Radar Research issued a white paper, The State of Mobile Measurement drawing industry attention to the dilemmas of mobile measurement, and called for the industry to assess and articulate the priorities for measurement-related initiatives. The MMA supports this perspective, and herein tries to focus in on the basic aspects of mobile analytics to move the discussion forward. Because consumer adoption of mobile, especially smartphones, has been so rapid and unrelenting, online analytics tools and approaches are often being used to track and measure the results of mobile campaigns because of their availability and familiarity. But the practice of mobile marketing, requires that marketers consider many factors that are simply not part of the online or traditional marketing process. For example, in mobile you must consider the screen size and resolution across thousands of devices; numerous operating systems and browsers; unique network elements; location; the fact that the all pervasive online targeting and tracking tool, the “cookie”, often does not work across all mobile media paths and environments; and unique data collection and privacy mechanics and rules.

Consumers are mobile and marketers must be too. Marketers have an inordinate need to catch up to the consumer. They need to make sense of the tools and techniques that will be best suited for them to create compelling consumer experiences and glean insights that will guide the direction of their investments and focus. Mobile analytics is a key tool to help marketers achieve just that.


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This document was developed by the Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile Analytics Committee, which includes:

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  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
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  • AOL
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The MMA and the Mobile Analytics Committee appreciates all the effort the committee put into this paper.

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Seth Fowler, a digital and mobile strategist based in NY, NY.
Michael Becker, Managing Director of North America, Mobile Marketing Association
Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association
Mike Ricci, VP Mobile, WebTrends & Anders Rosenquist, Director of Emerging Media, POSSIBLE