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AdMob Case Study: Telefónica O2

June 24, 2010

Telefónica O2 UK Limited is a leading communications company for mobile and broadband consumers and businesses in the UK. O2 and their media agency Phonevalley partnered with AdMob to promote their offer of free SIM cards with an offering of 500 free text messages.

O2’s objective was to increase adoption of their free SIM offer to existing O2 customers within the UK, as well as to use the promotion to drive conversions of consumers to new O2 customers.

O2 was able to evaluate multiple messaging and targeting options by creating several different text link ads with images. AdMob’s powerful ad serving technology ensured that the most relevant message reached each segment of O2’s desired audience.

Device Targeting: O2 and Phonevalley employed AdMob’s advanced mobile targeting capabilities to allow them to efficiently reach mobile customers on pre-pay devices who were the desired demographic for their free SIM offering.

Carrier and Country Targeting: O2 leveraged AdMob’s carrier targeting to reach existing customers by focusing certain ads to traffic in the O2 network. O2 also evaluated the effectiveness of acquiring new customers by targeting traffic on competing networks. AdMob’s targeting allowed O2 to focus their campaign exclusively towards mobile users located within the UK.

O2’s use of device targeting allowed them to reach their desired user demographic, while carrier and country targeting allowed them to successfully drive adoption of their free SIM offer amongst existing customers as well as acquire new customers. AdMob’s near-real time reporting tools allowed O2 and Phonevalley to optimise their campaign for maximum response and to ensure the most efficient advertising spend.

During this campaign AdMob drove more than 20,000 users to O2’s mobile site for the promotion, and as a result O2 has become an ongoing advertiser with AdMob

“AdMob’s network has consistently delivered very good results”
- Christophe Spencer, Mobile Media Planner, PhoneValley

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