www.3gpp.org 3GPP - Responsible for setting 2.5G and 3G standards which in turn define what is possible within the context of mobile marketing
www.3gpp2.org 3GPP2 - A competing body to the 3GPP focused around Qualcomm/CDMA technology with similar aims to that of the 3GPP
www.bluetooth.org Bluetooth SIG (Relevant given that Bluetooth is increasingly used within mobile gaming/entertainment)
www.thebcma.info Branded Content Marketing Association
www.txt.ca Canada’s Text Messaging Resource Centre
(sponsored by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association - CWTA)
www.cwta.ca Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association
www.ctia.org CTIA
www.gsmworld.com GSM Association
www.themda.org MDA
www.nanpa.com North American Number Plan Administration
www.ofcom.org.uk Ofcom
www.wapforum.com Open Mobile Alliance
www.sipforum.org The SIP VoIP protocol is being used within 3G networks and provides scope to create intelligent voice/text/multimedia mobile marketing promotions
www.syncml.org SyncML standard coordination body. SyncML is a key technology for controlling data synchronization over the air or via local connectivity between mobile devices. It is potentially powerful within advanced mobile marketing applications
www.text.it UK Text Messaging initiative
www.usshortcodes.com US Shortcodes
www.wikimobidex.org WikiMobiDex - a one-stop-shop for those on the market for mobile advertising, rich media, content, apps, mobile video, sms platforms, WAP site builders… basically anything and everything “mobile.”


World Wide Web Consortium - has direct control of the XHTML standard upon which WAP is based. W3C also controls the SMIL standard which is a key component for MMS