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Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) - VP, Membership Sales

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 13:40


The Mobile Marketing Association seeks a talented, transaction oriented and inspirational sales lead. This role is the senior most sales executive responsible for driving MMA’s efforts to dramatically grow membership and eventually events sponsorship to ultimately strengthen its position as the leading global industry association for mobile marketing. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime role to get to know literally everyone in marketing in the industry’s most exciting arena - mobile marketing. The right candidate will get to work with and sell to the Heads of Digital, Heads of Mobile and CMO’s of the top 500+ marketers; plus the CEO’s, CRO’s and Heads of Marketing of major media and enabling technology companies. This is the best place to build the ultimate golden rolodex that will support a life-long career.

MMA has a current prospect list of well over $12M in membership revenue. The focus of this role is to in essence build and execute a plan to capture these revenues over a number of years and to continue to build out a bigger pipeline of opportunities (we estimate the opportunity is double the above figure). Currently, five indirect reports at the MMA are responsible for supporting this person’s success (marketing, membership, admin, strategy, etc.). Based on ramp rate in revenues, more staff, including direct reports will be hired. This is a direct contributor sales role that will become more of a sales management role over time. 

To be successful, this person must be enthusiastic about connecting and speaking with major marketers and supporting the transformation of marketing.

In a time of dramatic opportunity and growth, the position requires a creative, resourceful and driven executive with a commitment to the organization’s mission and management. The ability to communicate effectively and track progress is essential to success in this position.

People who have done a similar role have gone on to incredible success and wealth-creation within the industry. 


The MMA Membership Sales will be responsible for building revenue and leading the company and company resources to accomplish this goal. While the MMA has multi-year relationships with each of its members, this should be viewed as a very transactional-oriented role (must beable to close). Key for this individual is to leverage all the strategy work to date and focus squarely on closing deals.

This role is accountable to and reports to the CEO but will have the support of the entire company. The position is one of high global visibility and requires strong communication skills, and in particular the ability to be persuasive and compelling. A track record of selling, team leadership, a good understanding of marketing, and strategic thinking is essential.

This individual must be comfortable articulating clear (membership) benefits and understand how to hear a business challenge and solve it or an objection and overcome it. This role will be core to creating urgency and momentum in the marketplace to achieve a dynamic where companies and individuals feel that they must be part of the broader “MMA community”.

The individual will work collaboratively with a team of highly motivated individuals - internally and externally - with the goal of growing the MMA so it can achieve its goals to better serve the mobile marketplace. Everyone at the MMA is ready to support this person’s success.

Specifically, the MMA Sales person will be expected to:

·      Close membership deals! Membership is priced from $3,500 to over $150,000+ via single corporate membership (there are packages of over $500,000 that can be sold also). Membership pricing is dictated on MMA’s website.

·      Support and guide the expansion of membership and member services, the expansion of other products from the MMA (e.g., events, educational offerings, and more) in addition to keeping an eye out for new businesses and products to take to the industry and membership. 

·       Travel should be expected, maybe as much as every other or every third week. Most of this will be at events where members and potential members congregate or MMA events (including ANA Masters of Marketing, AppNation, Cannes Lions, etc.) and markets include NY, SF, Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Dallas. 

·      Provide input to MMA Global team on strategic planning, financial planning and institutional development.



The ideal candidate should demonstrate some or all of the following:

The ideal person will want toset the world on fireand should be a consummate networker and unrelenting in solving a prospect’s challenges to get them to join the MMA.

The right person will have 8-10 years demonstrated experience in sales or business development. The job demands that this person be proactive, self-motivating, proficient with Salesforce and profoundly competent with an internal desire to drive sales momentum and close deals.

·      Should have experience in media, advertising and/or marketing and or successful track record in trade groups. A fairunderstanding of digital media and marketing is beneficial and familiarity with mobile marketing and/or mobile ecosystem is helpful. Some understanding of technology-oriented businesses is also helpful.

·      Entrepreneurial drive to make things happen and a strong orientation toward growth are very highly valued.  The right candidate must be able to sell and be persuasive. But also, must be able to listen effectively. 

·      Must have an ability to work independently and with limited direct supervision.

·      Experience working in a global organization could be valuable. Solid planning and management skills are helpful and a solid framework for strategic thinking is critical.

·      Experience or at least exposure to associations and industry bodies would be really beneficial. 

·      Strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style. Strong public presentation skills are essential.

·      Passion and commitment to the values, mission and goals for supporting the growth of mobile marketing industry along with content and advertising sectors is very helpful.

o   MMA Values: We are here to lead the biggest transformation that marketing and business will experience in our generation. 

§  Be Mobile SMART: Live it, breathe it, use it – stay on top of the latest mobile developments and constantly learn as much as you can about how mobile transforms the industry we serve.

§  Be Accountable: Act like the CEO of your department with urgency and responsibility. The buck stops with you.

§  Be Courageous (Be Revolutionary): Approach challenges and innovation with a readiness to take risks, a sense of enthusiasm and an openness to adjust course when needed.

§  Be Constructively Disruptive: Find ways to disrupt the status quo where it will be valuable to our members and the industry and where it will drive the transformation of marketing and the existing model of a media trade group.

§  Be Impactful: Strive for excellence and measurable impact in everything you do with a laser focus on delivering member value, and driving industry growth.

§  Be Relentless: Accomplish whatever you set out to do with resourcefulness, commitment and a willingness to ask for help to be successful.

·      A confident, self-assured leadership presence. A highly refined sense of diplomacy.


A competitive executive compensation package, including base salary and bonus will be offered to attract an outstanding individual.  

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