MMA UK, Mobile Marketing 101 Training Course, London, 27th March 2014

The one day Mobile Marketing 101 Training workshop will equip brand marketers and agency people who are new to mobile with the knowledge to begin including mobile within their campaign planning. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the most popular mobile marketing solutions from the UK’s leading subject-matter experts, and the pros and cons of each. It is perfect for any marketer needing to learn the basics, as well as those wishing to build a deeper understanding of all the marketing options that mobile can offer. To register and for more information, click here.


Past Workshops

MMA Education Workshop: Strategies and Tactics for Embracing Mobile as an Indispensable Part of the Marketing Mix

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 13th: 10am – 2pm PST
Location: Trailer Park Offices – 6922 Hollywood Blvd, 12th Floor, Hollywood, CA
Registration Fee: Free for MMA members ($199 for non-members)

*MMA members and qualified brand and agencies email northamerica[at]mmaglobal[dot]com for your discount code to register for free 

Marketing is a tool for personation. We use it to draw attention, encourage trial, adoption and purchase. When we’re really good our customers become advocates and do the job for us. But, to be really good, as Cicero told us in 80BC, we must understand our customer.

“If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.”
Cicero 80BC

Understanding is the key, especially in today’s mobile world where the customer is king and has access to information and the ability to search, review, compare and transact anywhere, anytime, right from the palm of their hand. This workshop will prepare you for the success in today’s mobile world:

• Part One: Mobile and the Marketing Mix – The State of the Industry, Consumer Insights and Trends (Speaker: Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, MMA) 
• Part Two: Mobile User Experience - Best Practices and Strategies (Speaker: Tara O’Doherty, Chief Experience Officer & Partner, XTM Inc)
• Part Three: Rich Media Creative Development & Best Practices (Speaker: Rob Kramer, EVP, Sales & Business Development, Celtra)
• Networking Lunch 
• Part Four: Group Exercise – Building out a Mobile Campaign (Lead by: Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, MMA)
• Part Five: Mobile Multicultural Deep Dive – Strategies & Tactics (Speaker: James Briggs, CEO, Briabe Mobile)
In May of 2012 the U.S. Census reported that minorities (Hispanics, blacks and Asians) account for 50.4% of all births. Very soon, today’s majority will become tomorrow’s minority. The multicultural marketplace brings a dynamic that many marketers are not prepared for; moreover, these consumers are mobile, in a big. Way. This session will prepare you for what lies ahead.
• Part Six: FIVE BIG BETS: Where the biggest, most powerful and far reaching mobile marketing opportunities lie within the next year (Speaker: Michael Rosen, VP, Mobile & Online Media Sales, AT&T AdWorks) 

Mobile Magic for Retail

Date & Time: 5th September, 2012: 9am to 5pm
Location: NTUC Centre,
Level 9 Room 903, 1 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989
Registration Fee: 600 SGD for Non-Singaporeans & PRs / 300 SGD for Singaporean and Singapore PRs

Singapore is home to the most smartphone-savvy users in the world, with a whopping 88% of general population being a smartphone user. [Source:GFK Research] A recently concluded Nielsen survey reports that over 24% of smartphone users have made a purchase on the mobile phone.

To stay relevant, modern retailers realize that having a clear mobile strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have, giving them a clear competitive advantage to address all stages of the consumer purchase funnel – Awareness, Engagement, Consideration, Conversion and Loyalty.

As marketers we are all students of consumer behaviour and no doubt all of us have observed how the mobile phone has evolved to become the one indispensable device that few of us can live without.  As retailers the mobile phone provides a new channel to enhance your marketing strategy to attract, engage, transact and support customers.

More Info

MMA Canada Road Show - Global Truths & Regional Relevance of Mobile Marketing: Insights into the Canadian Marketplace

Mobile is a big deal, a really big deal. Today, Canada supports over 25.3 million mobile connections a number that is expected to reach 28 million by 2012 (IEMR 2011). In other words, 76~84% Canadians are or will be carrying with them a mobile device.In fact, in Canada like the rest of the world, consumers are integrating mobility into nearly every aspect of their lives, including personal communications, entertainment, media consumption, product and services search and commerce.Driving these trends includes advances and adoption of smartphones and tablets, broadband data services and the nearly infinite series of innovative, and not so innovative consumer experiences delivered through and with mobile messaging, voice, mobile internet ad application channels.

Sponsored by:
Mediative, Rogers Wireless, Neustar, Poynt and ExactTarget.

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MMA Education Workshop: Strategic Insights, Trends and Mobile Marketing & Rich Media Advertising Best Practices

Mobile rich media has become an indispensible part of the marketing mix. Are you ready to advise your clients? In this four-hour workshop we’ll review the latest insights and trends in consumer behavior, mobile metrics and marketing innovations and the best practices that are driving results. The workshop is organized into four interactive segments:

  • Part one: Mobile and the Marketing Mix – The State of the Industry (Instructor: Michael Becker, Mobile Marketing Association)
  • Part two: Consumer Insights and Trends (Instructor: Michael Becker, Mobile Marketing Association)
  • Part three: The Buying & Selling of Mobile Rich Media - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Instructor: Mitch Paletz & Jay Donovan, InMobi)
  • Part four: Rich Media Campaign Workshop - A Group Exercise (Instructor: Mitch Paletz & Jay Donovan, InMobi)
  • Part five: “Multicultural Mobile Auto Intender Research" (Instructor: Meeta Chawla, Briabe Mobile) - Diverse consumer groups over index in all things mobile (smartphone penetration, usage, SMS, etc). Multicultural audiences have always been technology trailblazers and this has been proven again and again in research studies. This section provides detailed evidence and strategies for reaching the multicultural audience and the role of mobile in the auto category.

Key Takeaways

  • An understanding of the case for mobile from an advertiser and brand marketer’s perspective
  • Mobile’s advantages and how to leverage and sell them
  • Understanding advertising formats for tablets, smartphones, apps, and websites
  • An understanding of the mobile media marketplace, e.g. working with networks and premium publishers
  • Keys to mobile measurement and tracking
  • Industry resources and tools for success
  • Insight into engaging the multicultural audience

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone responsible for buying advertising, managing a digital advertising agency, or working with publishers.
  • Anyone responsible for selling advertising, managing an advertising sales team, or working with advertising buyers.
  • Agencies who are looking to bridge the gap between digital and traditional media.
  • Creative and tactical specialists who want a well rounded foundation of knowledge in all areas of mobile advertising and marketing so that they can help deliver mobile-enabled solutions to their clients.
  • Executives who want to understand the mobile media marketplace and the advertising opportunities that exist.
  • Publishers who are looking to bridge the gap between digital and traditional media.

The program was designed to give attendees the strongest possible set of tools and training to help maximize mobile revenues when they return to the office.